Bourbon Balls

Bourbon balls are a true Southern delicacy. This super easy candy recipe has only a handful of ingredients and requires no baking.

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Swedish Pecans

These Swedish Pecans are an easy and delicious make-ahead snack or appetizer, made with a meringue that coats the pecans.

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Whisky Balls

Making these traditional whisky balls is fairly simple – no baking required and even non-whiskey drinkers can appreciate it’s sweet taste.

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Pecan-Date Cookies

Bursting with flavor and pecans, this is a wonderful traditional cookie that is rich, buttery, chewy and fairly easy to make.

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Pecan Delights

Made in less than 15 minutes, this indulgent candy made of crunchy pecans and a sweet coating is sure to make your mouth water.

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Ice Box Pie

This lemon icebox pie is tangy, refreshing and easy to make with just a handful of ingredients and no baking required at all.

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Pecan Custard Pie

This delicious recipe is sure to make your taste-buds water. Made with only the best ingredients and as always the highest quality pecans from Bergerons.

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