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100 years devoted to Pecans

Horace Joseph Bergeron began his career as a merchant and followed the family tradition in planting and farming. In 1910, He purchased a small "shotgun" house for the locals to come trade or hand crack pecans in exchange for merchandise and food items. 5 cents a pound was the going rate. In 1941 this process all changed when Bergeron's sons' saw the need to modernize the process.

H.J. Bergeron Pecan Shelling Plant in New Roads, Louisiana

Horace Joseph Bergeron

A Modest Beginning

Born in 1890 near New Roads, Horace Joseph Bergeron was raised of early French ancestry in the heart of Louisiana. Beginning his career as a merchant, Horace opened a small country merchandise store along false river in 1909. He soon began profiting from pecans and purchased a small house for local families to sell or trade their pecans for merchandise in his store. The company flourished as HJ Bergeron's two sons grew in the business along side their father.

H.J. Bergeron Pecan Shelling Plant in New Roads

A Need for Expansion

In 1941 Horace's sons opened a premium pecan shelling plant equipped with the best machinery available. HJ Bergeron Pecan Shelling Plant soon became a firmly established in the national business picture as shellers and packers of quality pecans. It wasn't until after WWII that the company really came into full bloom in marketing one of Louisiana's most popular commodities.

Mr. Bergeron spreading his knowledge to the younger generation.

Continued Growth

Over time modern equipment, expansions, and improvements were made to the shelling plant to earn the company the title of Highest Quality Pecans from the United States Pecan Shelling Association. Today the company processes 5 - 7 million pounds a year of in-shell pecans into finished products. In the third generation of our company we continue to support the community by purchasing the pecans from local growers and farmers.

An employee inspecting pecans for quality assurance.

Dedication to the Future

HJ Bergeron Pecan Company's longevity is due to the devotion of the work force and their passion for the company. Many people and families have served the company for decades and HJ Bergeron Pecan Company owes its success to these dedicated employees. Families such as the Swindlers, Ladmairault, and Aguillard all hold an important roll in the high quality of business that the company is able to provide. With people such as these standing behind us, HJ Bergeron Pecan Company will continue to grow in its achievements and success.